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Eboracum Lodge No 1611 is York’s only University Scheme-affiliated lodge – Sunday-Times-universities-scheme-lodges Article

As a long-established Lodge, Eboracum No. 1611, located within the historic city of York, our St. Saviourgate Lodge has a long history linked to education in York. We regularly meet in the former institute building which has now evolved to become York College and University Centre, dating back to 1845. The lodge building was constructed by The Institute of Popular Science and Literature whose aim was to improve the education of working men. Eboracum Lodge No. 1611, has a rich history and tradition in Freemasonry dating back to 1876 in York. With ties to the local community and a commitment to charitable endeavours, the Lodge seeks to further its engagement with the community and expand its membership. We bought our current premises in 1883, where we reside to this day. The Lodge is dedicated to the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, and aims to provide a supportive environment for its members while contributing positively to society. As a University City, with three higher education institutions, including the University of York, York St John University and the York College and University Centre, and as one of York’s longest-serving lodges Eboracum is now proudly a University Scheme affiliated lodge for York, increasing opportunities for new Brethren to learn our traditions, and values, and enriching their lives as a key part of their university journey.

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